My name is CHIYO and I am from the Petaki Kensha breeding station .

I have got Japanese blood, my mum SURI has ancestors from Japan and my dad HOSHI has parents imported from Japan. Also, my children will honour japanese blood.

CHIYO means „1000 generations, eternal“ in Japanese. At home, they call me Akinka.

I was born on 10.5.2013 and thanks to the Japanese meaning of my name „spring blossom“, I think that it suits me well. So I am Akinka – spring blossom.

Petaki Kensha is the breeding station where my mum V’SURI from the Bamboo grove lives. I have 9 siblings who are spread all over the world. My father Hoshi Go Akogareno lives in Poland.

I love to visit exhibitions. I have participated 11 exhibitions and I have always had the best verbal judgement.

At the beginning of each week, I prepare the so called Monday newsletter, where you can read all the curiosities from the previous week.

I am sure that you will like it and you will always return to my web.
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