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About me

My name is Chiyo but friends call me Akinka. I would like to guide you through my life via this web. I will advise you on what to eat, suggest equipment for daily use or exhibitions, show off my achievements, share my adventures through the Monday newsletters and once I grow older, I will share my puppies with you. In my mini e-shop I will offer tested gadgets.

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Monday newsletters

Every Monday, I share my adventure from the previous week. In the beginning, I was worried that I won’t have anything to write about, but it is not true! Usually, I have to be careful not to share too much. Monday newsletters can become your guide for trips, inspiration for the weekends, or just entertainment.

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Advices and experinece

We would like to share with you our knowledge we gained through breeding the unique breed Akita Inu. We know from our own experience that information on this topic is very shallow and most of it has to be selected thoroughly. We believe that this web will help you to decide whether to choose this breed or not and how to start…

I'm available
Monday - Friday Relaxing and going out
Saturday Training, going out and exhibiting
Sunday Exhibiting, going out and relaxing
Holidays Going out and relaxing

All for Akitas

We know from our own experience that finding relevant information about the breed Akita Inu is not easy. From all sources and advices that we have found on the internet, from breeders, or in publications, we had to massively select. Therefore, we had an idea to create a web which would help all beginners. Whether you are only thinking of breeding or choosing the right BS (breeding station), feeding, exhibitions etc.We are happy to help all owners of Akita Inu. The time you save can be spent with your loved once – puppies.